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This quaint bar with grill is known for its good food and good music and does not disappoint. As one of the last independent record stores in Hattiesburg, it is a great place to sell new and used records and CDs, as well as a good selection of local music.

Located on the corner of Main Street and Joe Brown Road in downtown Hattiesburg, this new outdoor location has been home to a number of music events over the years and is just a few blocks from the Hattie Joe Cafe.

When the era of segregation came to an end, the Hi-Hat Club, once home to the Hattiesburg High School football team, moved into the auditorium and arena. The growing popularity of Hattie Joe's and other local music venues also attracted a younger, white audience who came to see their favorite musicians play here. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Hi's Hat Club hosted the likes of Elvis Presley, Hank Williams Jr., Ike & Tina Turner and many others, who played to packed houses in this highly successful club.

The Lyric has since reopened as an event space and hosts a variety of events including concerts, dance parties, concerts and other events.

In keeping with the renovated and restored theme, Smoot's Grocery offers a solid mix of blues - centric music on a regular basis. Government Street Gro, a great place to enjoy the atmosphere on the Mississippi coast and the atmosphere on the Mississippi coast. There's plenty of food and craft beer (I recommend Bluff City Blonde), and they offer a varied selection of acts from southern Mississippi. Below are some of the best places to drop by and sample great music from artists from across the Deep South. And make sure you're on the Mason-Dixon line next time.

The Southland Music Line is looking forward to bringing our readers more articles about the markings of the Mississippi Blues Trail and more information about the history of blues music in southern Mississippi.

Watch this video inspired by the music of Vasti Jackson, a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. In addition to his work with the Mississippi Blues Trail, he has also played in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Tennessee.

He has written, produced, recorded and performed music for the Mississippi Blues Trail and other blues and country music groups. He performed in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Tennessee. His music was written and produced by his wife and Hattiesburg resident, singer, songwriter and pianist Jennifer Jackson.

T Bones has become the centre of the Hattiesburg music and cultural scene and offers events such as music festivals, house shows, concerts and other events. T Bone is also home to a music business that has earned a reputation as one of the most successful music companies in Mississippi and the nation.

Hebe is the only Mississippi American to win two Grammys in the same category, one for best country album and the other for album of the year.

In addition to his son, the band includes his wife, an Arkansas State University graduate, and sons Weston and Austin. Lee "Tennessee" Crisp, who performs as Pruitt, has toured Europe in recent years with his band Mississippi American.

Hattiesburg is known for great pianists, including Blind John Davis, who has become one of the most popular and respected pianists in the state of Mississippi and is regularly touring Europe. Other Hat Club regulars included Jerry Lee Lewis, Ruth Brown and many others who stopped off at Hattieburg's Chitlin 'Circuit on their tours.

Uaroy's tambourine and Roosevelt's guitar are still found in places where the rock'n'roll rhythm section is so powerful that it almost disappears. The blues recording shows a mature rock'n'roll guitar riff and a pounding rock'n'roll beat, "reads the cover of the Mississippi Historical Society's book" Mississippi Blues Illustrated. "

Vaughn laid the groundwork for what Jerry Lee Lewis would do a decade later, while Uaroy and Graves played a surprisingly rocky Kazoo solo to back up the claim. Barnes opened the Embassy Club in the same building, just steps from the Mississippi Jook Band's home, and Crumpler transformed the T - Bones Record Shop into more than a record store, offering a full-service café, bar and restaurant, and a meeting place for local musicians like bluesman Joe Lewis. Palmer singled out the JOOK band from Mississippi, assuring them that "there is no one better at leading a blues band in Mississippi than this one," according to the New Orleans Times-Dispatch.

We are part of a larger collective and can get more products at a lower price and also test the limits of what a music store normally has, "he said.

In the early summer of 2019, he decided to expand his journey from Hattiesburg to Laurel and visit what he called the "most interesting and interesting places" in Mississippi State, which boosted his efforts to be included in the Mississippi Blues Trail.

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